- of Capo d'Orso -

In the 30's

Our story begins in the early thirties when our grandfather Luigi after a long living in the United States, where he had done everything returns to Maiori with two purchases: a famous car era, the Balilla and a large piece of land, populated by oaks and carob trees, a triumph of Mediterranean. A place so beautiful that it was chosen by director Roberto Rossellini as a location for his movie L'amore with Federico Fellini as supporting actor and Anna Magnani as the protagonist. So our grandfather Luigi with his new machine takes the profession of "taxi driver". With this large piece of land my father Bonaventure in 1950 began working as the restaurant, personally taking care of the management of the hall and the kitchen counting on grandmother Anna and aunt Pia, one of our Dad's sisters, while in the 60's coming Mother Pasqualina for then became a mainstay until the 80.

In recent years

In recent years however there has been a big trend in catering and also the same in the company capo d'orso. Luigi, Pierfranco and Pio are continuing the family tradition of dedicating themselves to the conduct of business, but making changes in ' setting and management of with great professionalism, just to satisfy customers' needs.

...So, in 1999 we created in the lower part of the promontory of Capo d'Orso another branch calling it "Il Faro di Capo d'Orso" a little gem, completely independent from the rest of the existing business and obviously with its own identity. Today "il Faro di Capo d'Orso" is a la carte restaurant, while the original, restored is called Capo d'Orso Eventi, a structure that houses receptions, meetings and demonstrations and wine gastrastronomiche.
For several months we have available for our guests......a small Relais......

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