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The Environment

An elegant large and verstaile room, sober, surrounded by nature, large and versatile, the room devoted to the events has a maximum capacity of 160 guests in a warm, elegant room but at the same time cozy enough to make our guests feel at ease, as if was their home. In our function room we can organize and plan any event be it wedding, party or meeting in a truly personalized, all stages of its implementation, the creation of the menu to the choice of tablecloths, the decorations, music and all that is necessary for its perfect realization is that we followed with great care and professionalism. Adjacent to the restaurant terrace, which boasts one of the most picturesque views in the world so as to be more 'times chosen by the great masters of cinema as a set for their works, from one side of the Gulf of Salerno and the other the magic Amalfi Coast, especially in the summer season is a location of rare beauty, a perfect setting for special occasions.



Many receptions by us in recent years, a minimum of 12 up to 160 guests, each event "unique" . During the summer the appetizer is served on the terrace - of course with different solutions - and then go into the banquet hall, spacious and cozy, with beautiful views of the Amalfi coast. It is crucial for us to customize the wedding and for that we are ready to respond to the needs and demands of the future spouses. A Capo d'Orso is held only one wedding per day with maximum care and peace of mind, marriage is a celebration not only a lunch or dinner, aspect of what makes the event special.

The Menus

The menus are designed seasonally just to satisfy the desires of our customers. They are based on tradition and local raw materials, a journey of flavors, taste and tradition run by chef Francesco Reina, including bread, cakes and desserts are prepared in our homemade pastry.

The Wedding

Organizing a wedding is not easy, at first seems like a fun game: there's the excitement, the emotion in the choice of location, invitations, floral decorations, many details are a couple to be married must manage. Often luckily there are mothers or sisters or even the "‘best friend" ’ who are, as well as an advisor, even a shoulder in times of fatigue and indecision. All this can be seen from the first visit to our facility, since 1996 we have made so many ceremonies of different cultures and traditions and this has enabled us to gain as much experience and above all to create a 'complete organization to guide the couple in the preparation of this important day.’ The weddings hosted by us in recent years have ranged from 12 people, so from a limited and very intimate, up to 160 guests and our commitment has been to make each event a "unique." In determining the date and number of guests to go to the most pleasant part of the organization of marriage, the choice of menu, of course, through a series of dishes that vary according to season and designed to meet the desires of our customers, the dishes can be enjoyed by future spouses before being chosen, of course we are very keen to personalize the wedding, we are very flexible and we try in every way to interpret the needs of the guests of honor. The spouses have the possibility to choose the arrangement of the tables in the dining room, the location or magnitude of their table (the classic and romantic just for two or a large table with friends or relatives more expensive). Capo d'Orso hosts only one wedding a day making the exclusive event and a day to remember. Support for civil marriages.

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